What learners say about the Eastern Armenian Textbook

This is the best Eastern Armenian textbook I have found. I normally don't write reviews, but I have searched for ways to learn Armenian and this is honestly the best resource I have found. It's well laid out and easy to read and understand. It teaches the grammar well. I especially like that the author has a website that includes audio for all of the vocabulary so I know how the language sounds. There are also audio for the sample dialogs for each lesson to listen along to. There are exercises at the end of each lesson with answers provided in the back of the book. Also, you can find the vocab on the memrise app if you don't want to make your own flashcards. The vocab is conversational and not overly formal, perfect for learning how to communicate.

have learned so much Armenian using this book, I would recommend this to anyone who is learning. It is written and structured in a perfectly clear and engaging way. It introduces the reader to Armenian culture and has Armenian songs. Texts and songs are accompanied with audio found on the linked website, being very useful. The book arrived in the UK early and on time which was very nice.

I purchased this course as I run a travel agency that offers tours to Armenia and I always try to learn some of the language of the countries where we offer tours. I tried to purchase the book whilst I was in Yerevan last year, but the bookshops that I visited at the time had sold out. This is an incredibly well written course and I have used the extra time I have had during the pandemic to work my way through the book. I wouldn't say that Armenian is particularly easy to learn. There is a new script to deal with and the grammar is quite different to English, but the author has explained everything in a manner that is easy to understand. I am currently around a third of the way through the course and thoroughly enjoying it. The audio is also very clear which really helps. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone that has an interest in this fascinating language!

This is a beautifully curated resource for learning the Armenian language up through an intermediate level. As an Armenian-American I’m generously going to say my grammar was very elementary. I’ve participated in my own share of courses with local organizations through years. However, not until this textbook have I been able to do readily understand the information provided. Aside from the basics of grammar and content, the formatting and editing is sublime. Color coded tables and clear explanations are found on every page. Spacing is efficient. Practice sections are plentiful and well-developed. I’m so excited to be using this book and I can’t wait to practice.

I like this Armenian language book very much, because it is educational and has everything of importance inside. I don't think there can exist a better book anywhere else in this Armenian language and perhaps even comparing with other languages courses because it is very interesting, exciting and pedagogical. There are also many other interesting and different aspects in it. The cover and the interior are very colourful and beautiful, too. This course consists of downloadable MP3 audio files, as well. In fact, Mary Hakobyan is also a very competent, helpful, kind and caring lady. This is really true and I know it since we had some contact in Facebook when talking about her book. I think those traits also would become confirmed, because they are good and very important, as well. Thank You. Mary!!!!!

What an excellent book!! I am so glad that I purchased this (along with Dora Sakaryan's text), because taken together, they complement one another. Google allows for the audio portion of the text, which is spoken by native speakers; the pronunciation is authentic. In many ways, I hope that the author Mary Hakobyan writes an intermediate textbook that continues where this one leaves off.

I have only completed three lessons of self-study, but I recommend this textbook for learning Eastern Armenian because it is the most up-to-date and the method it uses is excellent. The audio recordings are clear. Though I will never speak Eastern Armenian fluently (because I will never travel to Armenia or reside there), I can learn how to read with ease with this textbook.

I have purchased several Armenian language books, which all failed in assisting with learning the language. I had the pleasure of being taught by Mary using the book as her template. I bought the book because this is the first book that allows you to learn the language and alphabet at a decent pace! Love the book and actually learning the language!

Great book- finally an updated Armenian book with a listening cd so you know you are getting your pronunciation right. Highly recommend for beginners like myself. Worth the money.

Got this book from a bookstore in Armenia. A well structured book and course. makes learning the (not so easy) Armenian language fun and easy. No other book comes even close. Highly recommended.

Very comprehensive and detailed with a structured, easy to follow layout.

Definitely the best Eastern Armenian textbook for English speakers. Easy-to-follow grammar points, lively dialogues, a thorough treatment of the written and spoken language. Audio available online. Search no other book no matter how cheaper they are.

This is a well organized book and methodology for guiding students to learn Armenian. The lessons and audio resources are well researched and professionally produced. A fun book to get students started through self-learning. The online resources on the publisher’s website are also very useful.

An excellent course with great and easy audio download. I want to thank Mary Hakobyan also for responding to a request from me to have access to this in the UK with alacrity and great kindness. Thank you, Mary.

Thanks so much for the speedy delivery from Yerevan to London! It’s easily the best book available for learning Armenian. A clear, step-by-step series of learning blocks, really well laid out and easy to assimilate.

Book written in English, you need to know at least basic English to use it. It is the only modern course to learn the Armenian language, with audio recordings (in the book the link to download the mp3 files of the lessons is provided), progressive lesson difficulty, suitable for beginners.

Obviously a great deal of work went into creating this book. It takes a while to receive it from Armenia, but it is well worth the wait. In addition the author, Mary Hakobyan, wrote a person letter which was a nice touch, but in addition it is obvious how much work went into creating this book once you turn the first page. I'd highly recommend it.

Omg I was waiting so long to see one normal Eastern Armenian book and finally I found it!!!! Amazing book with beautiful illustrations and most important no mistakes!!! I already suggested this book to my friends whoever want to learn grammatically right Armenian.... they are really enjoying this book!!! So highly recommended!!!

What is really nice about this book is that it's very interactive and focuses on the development of all the language skills. I really liked that it included recordings of high quality, which is quite helpful in developing listening in students. Amazon – Franck: Perfect in every way! Shnorhakalutyun for the speedy delivery from Yerevan. The book is excellent as well. Best wishes from your new friends in Germany!

Gmail  Guilherme:
Dear Mary Hakobyan My name is Guilherme, I'm a linguist from Brazil who is currently pursuing a Master's diploma in English Linguistics in Switzerland, at the University of Neuchatel. I'm writing to you because I want to thank you for the effort you made in decoding the Armenian language for non-armenians (and also Armenians, I must say!) in the form of your book. I want to congratulate you on how you organized and laid out the content in your book. You made it easier for learners like me to be better able to fathom with the Armenian language. Thank you so much!

Gmail  Konstantinos:
Dear Mrs. Hakobyan, I am writing to congratulate you on your excellent book. I teach medieval Armenian history at a Greek university, and for years I have been struggling to improve my Armenian. I already have several relevant books (Avetisyan, Sakayan, and others). Yours is the best in this field. That's why I take the courage to ask you to continue publishing a new book for the upper-intermediate level (B2-C1). Thank you very much. Best Regards.

Gmail  Ben:
Hello, Just want to say the book looks awesome! - especially the colourful pictures ! :) Would be really cool if the book could also be bought on kindle or kobo or in digital format at some stage. That would be awesome if it ever happens!

Gmail  Anahit:
Thanks again Mary! As a teacher, choir conductor...myself When I looked at the book I realized that’s done by professional and well organized Eastern Armenian book so far I saw. We liked the method. You did a good job there bravo!

Gmail  Michael:
Hello, Please accept my congratulations for the wonderful text book that I recently received. I am loving it and the format. I think it is so far the best text I have found. I have progressed to the point where I can read and write in Armenian and carry on basic conversation.

Gmail  Alessandro:
I'd like to congratulate you on your wonderful book (that is really well made) and I thank you for having sent it so far. I'm really interested in studying the beautiful Armenian language and to deepen the millenary Armenian culture.

Gmail  Ani:
Ողջույն, հարգելի Մերի։

Ես հայերենագիտության մեջ մխրճված թուրքերենագետ եմ։ Աշխատում եմ Անկարայի համալսարանի հայոց լեզվի և մշակույթի ամբիոնում։ Մոտ 4 տարի է, ինչ որպես օտար լեզու դասավանդում եմ թուրքերեն (հայերին) և հայերեն (թուրքախոսներին)։ Երկու տարի առաջ գնել եմ Ձեր արևելահայերենի դասագիրքը և հիացմունքով պիտի ասեմ, որ շուկայում առկա բոլոր հին ու նոր գրքերից հայերենի՝ որպես օտար լեզվի ուսուցման ոլորտի լավագույն դասագիրքն է։ Եվ ոչ թե վատերի միջի լավն է, այլ իրոք շատ հաջողված է, ինչը եզակի երևույթ է (սրա մասին Դուք անշուշտ գիտեք, բայց ևս մեկ անգամ շեշտելը վնաս չէ :)) Շնորհակալություն անչափ կարևոր աշխատանքի, ներդրած ջանքերի համար։ Հուսով եմ, որ նաև Ձեր շնորհիվ որպես օտար լեզու հայերենի դասավանդման ոլորտը կշարունակի հարստանալ նորանոր որակյալ դասանյութերով։

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