About the Textbook


The Eastern Armenian Textbook is approved and evaluated by the Institute of National Education of Armenia as a highly qualified textbook for learning Eastern Armenian at schools and educational centers abroad.

The textbook consists of 28 lessons for beginners and pre-intermediate students. It contains a vocabulary of more than 1500 words with their English translations.

The textbook contains:

  • Listening assignments – specially designed texts to practice listening skills
  • Reading assignments – texts for reading
  • Speaking assignments – illustrated stories for speaking
  • Writing assignments – special exercises to practice grammar and vocabulary
  • Grammar theory – thoroughly explained grammar for self-study


Introduction (lessons 1-10)

The Armenian alphabet is introduced gradually (4 letters each lesson) with a space for practicing, hence everything is transcribed in English in this section. Students are introduced not only to reading and writing, but also to useful vocabulary with dialogues, basic grammar and exercises. The vocabulary is introduced with special interactive games to help students easily memorize them.

The core lessons (lessons 11-28)

Each lesson has thematic vocabulary with interactive games and a thematic text for listening and reading with its specific assignments. The grammar and exercises strengthen students’ knowledge of the language. This section also contains a series of illustrated stories, the aim of which is for students to practice their oral skills.

The appendix

The appendix contains a list of useful phrasal verbs, Armenian proverbs, and popular Armenian songs with English translation, which are included in the texts and exercises of the main course. It also includes charts of all the grammatical forms introduced in the book, additional vocabulary words, answers to the exercises, and the slang dictionary.